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There are numerous advantages to your mental and physical well-being through playing golf. England’s campaign next year, #switchOffWithGolf, focuses on these benefits if you’re practicing your drive at the driving range at night or when you get a spare half hours in the afternoon to play more than eighteen holes of golf.

This article will explore some of the benefits of playing golf. Firstly there is the physical activity involved in golf. Certainly walking is a far more strenuous type of exercise than running or jogging, but walking a round of golf can still be very beneficial for your overall health.

Walking can help to burn calories by using up excess fat and building muscle. This can help you reach your weight loss goals more easily, as it will make you feel healthier and fitter. If you’re not keen on a walk then you could try swimming, cycling, or rowing.

As previously mentioned the main benefit of playing golf is for your cardiovascular system. Consuming more calories through exercise means that you burn off more excess fat and hence are less likely to develop heart disease or stroke. It is important that you choose a high-quality club with a low-impact game to reap the benefits of this.

Less than two hundred diamonds a year are required to equal one gram of pure gold for this purpose so it is worthwhile investing in your health through playing this sport.

Not only does it burn off calories and help you remain fit, but it also provides the much-needed vitamin D which not only helps to prevent heart disease but also ward off many cancers such as bowel and prostate cancer.

Another benefit to playing golf may surprise many people, it’s actually quite good for the spine. Regular golfers report lower back pain and lower backs, which have been reported to be relieved by regular exercise.

This is because exercise releases chemicals called endorphins which cause the body to feel pleasure and thus play a vital role in reducing stress levels and hence pain.

This is why so many people are now taking up and incorporating an exercise routine into their daily life and why many doctors are advising their patients to play golf as it helps release these same chemicals and therefore reduce stress.

Playing golf for fitness can also be beneficial for strengthening the spine and improving flexibility. These are both areas that become weakened with age and with poor posture. When you stand on a golf course for long periods of time it pulls and strains the lower back.

In addition to the sheer physical activity of this sport can actually work against your spinal musculature. It is suggested that you play for at least 90 minutes each day of this sport, with breaks of a few minutes here and there to keep the muscles relaxed and improve circulation.

Although you will need to keep your body moving this is an excellent form of physical activity that will keep the muscles limber and will help protect the joints. The third of the many benefits of playing golf is that you will find it immensely relaxing and will find it a joy to be involved in.

It is amazing how much time it takes our minds to start becoming muddled and how many benefits of playing golf that actually come from actually being able to let go of tension. The sport can literally bring a halt to the monotony of many daily routines and it can be incredibly helpful in getting you out of a tight mindset or a really boring day at work.

All kinds of stress can build up over time and this is why it is important to release these stressors through physical activity. The final of the three benefits of playing golf is that you will discover that it will give you more energy.

The reason for this is that this sport requires you to exert a lot of energy compared to other forms of exercise which use relatively little energy. If you walk around for an hour you will burn approximately the same number of calories as you would if you played a round of tennis or even tried to swim for an hour.

By walking, especially when you are exercising by using your own body weight as resistance, you will discover that you will be burning a lot more calories and you will also discover that your overall energy level will be quite high.

By now you should have some pretty good ideas about the many wonderful benefits of playing golf. These benefits do not simply come about because you are spending a lot of time exercising.

Golf requires a lot of skill and a lot of concentration, but these skills and concentration translate to a life expectancy much longer than that of other types of sport. Therefore, even though you may be exercising, there is no better way to stay in shape and to improve your life expectancy than to play a round or two of this game.

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